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Welcome to Natt Orthopaedic Centre!

We welcome you to Natt Orthopaedic Centre and appreciate for being selected to serve the medical and health care needs of our community. Our aim is to diagnose, prevent and treat your bone, muscle & joint problems and make you mobile and happy. Natt Orthopaedic Centre is headed by Dr. GS Natt- a leading ortho surgeon in tricity. We incorporate a team of highly qualified as well as experienced experts who are potentially specialized in their respective fields. We are associated with leading hospitals of tricity for surgical treatments and indoor admissions. 

Dr. GS Natt is one of the best ortho specialists who lead this exclusive centre for knee and hip replacement surgeries with latest minimally invasive MIS technique, minimally invasive fracture treatment, as well as sports injury management with arthroscopic key-hole surgery for ACL,PCL,meniscus and rotator cuff injuries.

Our speciality: Our Orthopedic Centre offers effective treatment for joint pains, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, tennis elbow, meniscus tear, neck pain, cervical spondylosis, back pain, disc problems, frozen shoulder, de Quervain ds, knee pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, osteoporosis, as well as a complete solution for all bone and joint-related problems.

Our Physiotherapy department is equipped with top-notch and latest electrotherapy, ultrasonic therapy, short wave diathermy machines with pulleys as well as a wheel for an effective shoulder and wrist exercises.

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Orthopedic Doctor in Chandigarh

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Hip Replacement Surgery

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Best Ortho Doctor in Chandigarh

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Best Orthopedic Doctor in Chandigarh

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Knee Replacement

Orthopedic Doctor in Chandigarh

2000 plus

Hip Replacement

Ortho Doctor in Mohali

2000 plus

Sports Injury cases

Ortho Doctor in Chandigarh

Dr GS Natt (orthopedic surgeon)

is a trendsetter in his respective field. His dedication and passion led him to pursue specialized training from Germany and Italy. With more than 13 years of experience, Dr. Natt has successfully conducted 2000+ knee/hip replacement cases along with arthroscopy knee as well as shoulder cases.

DR GS NATT (ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON) Dr. Natt uses the latest MIS (Minimal Incision Technique) for knee replacement that further results in minimal blood loss and fast recovery, with patients being able to indulge themselves in their daily routine within 24 hours.

Moreover, the patients are discharged within four days from the hospital following the bilateral total knee replacement.

Dr. Natt stands out of the rest because he utilizes the latest technology like pulse lavage and vacuum mixing of cement while knee replacement with high flex American implants, which leads to life extended longevity of the implant and negligible risk of further infection with latest aseptic techniques. Moreover, the MIS technique makes sure that the patients can go for long walks as well as can even sit cross-legged and effectively climb stairs.

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