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Leg Pain Treatment in Chandigarh, Leg Cramps Doctor in Mohali

Common Causes

Discomfort or pain anywhere in the leg can range from a dull ache to severe stabbing sensation. Most leg pain occurs due to overuse. It could also happen due to minor injuries. However, the discomfort often disappears within a short period of time and can be eased with home remedies.

In certain cases, some severe medical conditions can be behind, causing the pain.

Consult our leg cramps treatment doctor in Mohali if you are experiencing acute or persistent leg pain for quite some time now. However, getting a prompt diagnosis and treatment for any underlying conditions may prevent the discomfort from getting worse and improve your long-term outlook.

However, some of the most common causes of pain in the leg are minor conditions that the doctors can treat effectively in no time.


A primary cause of pain in the leg is a muscle cramp. However, leg pain is also referred to as “a charley horse.” Such muscle cramps generally trigger sudden, sharp discomfort as the leg muscles contract. The tightening muscles often create a visible and hard lump beneath the skin. Some people might also see redness and swelling in the surrounding area of the cramp.

Moreover, muscle fatigue, as well as dehydration, may lead to leg cramps, especially in the calf. Short-term leg cramps are normal. But, if you have been experiencing cramps for quite some time now, consult Dr. GS Natt today.

Dr. Natt is recognised as the best leg cramps treatment doctor in Chandigarh.


Pain in the leg is also often a sign of injury, such as the following:

Muscle strain: It is a common injury that happens when the muscle fibres tear due to overstretching. Muscle strain generally occurs in the large muscles, such as the hamstrings, calves, or quadriceps.

Tendinitis: It is an inflammation of a tendon. However, tendons are thick cords that join the muscles to bone. When these tendons get inflamed, it can be challenging to move the affected area. Tendinitis mostly affects tendons in the hamstrings or near the heel bone. If you have been experiencing tendinitis and not sure about it, our leg pain treatment in Mohali is here to help.

Knee bursitis: It occurs when the liquid-filled sacs or bursa surrounding the knee joint become inflamed.

Shin splints: In such a condition, the leg pain occurs along the inner edge of the shinbone or tibia. The injury can happen when the muscles around the shinbone tears due to overuse.

Stress fractures: In this situation, the pain happens due to the tiny breaks in the leg bones, particularly those in the shinbone.

Contact Dr. GS Natt today for diagnosing the cause of your leg pain and for the most effective leg pain treatment in Chandigarh

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