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Best Interlocking Nail Doctor in Chandigarh, Mohali

What is an interlocking nail?

Primarily, interlocking nails are metallic implants that are used to repair traumatic long bone fractures. It consists of a large diameter rod that is inserted into a medullary bone cavity and secured to it with the help of locking bolts from one cortex to another. It thus captures the nails inside the medullary cavity.

Thanks to our best interlocking nail doctor in Chandigarh to come to our rescue. Dr. GS Natt utilises the unique and advanced locking technology, that is, I-Loc for better treatment. This technology is effective in treating a variety of fracture configurations incorporating metaphysical and periarticular fractures.

This implant is potentially designed to prevent post-operative instability through an innovative mechanical interlock between the nail and the bolts. This interlock further allows for immediate weight-bearing activity. The interlocking nails can also be used to stabilise corrective osteotomy, such as those performed in conditions of medial patellar lunation secondary to server femoral varies deformity.

Is using interlock nails better than plates and screws?

Interlocking nail and bone plates are not mutually exclusive. From a mechanical standpoint, the position of an interlocking nail with the medullary cavity enhances its ability to resist bending forces in all directions. It is unlike bone plates, which have robust anisotropic behaviours. The mechanical property of the bone plates depends on the direction of the applied force.

However, if you want to get an effective interlocking nail treatment, then consult Dr. GS Natt today. He is also recognised as the best interlocking nail doctor in Mohali.

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