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Ligament Injury Treatment Doctor in Chandigarh, Mohali

Ligament Injury or Anterior Cruciate Injury

One of the most common ways we hurt our knees is injuring our anterior cruciate ligament, that is, ACL. However, ACL is a band of tissue that holds the bones together within our knees. These bands also help to keep our knees stable.

Moreover, you can overstretch or tear your ACL if you make sudden, sharp movements when you are running or jumping. The torn ligament is often painful and can make it hard for you to walk or put pressure on the injured leg. But, our ligament injury treatment in Chandigarh effectively cure the problem.

How does it happen?

Sportspersons or athletes often get ligament injuries when they stop and quickly change directions while they are running. People who play football, soccer, basketball, tennis, or volleyball or people who do gymnastics are more likely to experience ACL. This is because they are more likely to twist their knees by mistake.

If you are an athlete and looking for the best ligament injury treatment in Mohali, then contact Dr. GS Natt today.

What are the symptoms?

Many people hear a popping sound when their knee gets hurt. But it might not happen to everyone. However, some of its symptoms include:

Pain: You might not feel pain if you have a minor injury. But, you might feel soreness along your knee’s joint line. Some people experience trouble standing or putting pressure on their hurt knee.

Swelling: This generally happens during the first 24 hours. You can reduce the swelling by putting on an ice pack on your knee and raising your leg by propping it up on a pillow. If you have swelling around your knee, consult Dr. GS Natt now. He is also recognised as the best ligament injury doctor in Chandigarh.

Trouble walking: In a specific case, you might be able to put pressure on the hurt knee. But, you might notice that it is harder than usual to walk. However, some people may find that the knee joint feels loose.

If you have been experiencing any of these symptoms, contact our ligament injury doctor in Mohali today.  

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