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Key Hole Surgery Specialist Doctors in Chandigarh, Mohali

What is a key hole surgery?

Key hole surgery or also know as minimally invasive surgery, is a surgical procedure used to access the interior of the human body through a small incision. This surgery removes the need for open surgery.

Dr. GS Natt is one of the best key hole doctors in Chandigarh who effectively carry out the process to access the abdomens and the female pelvic organs. This whole procedure is known as laparoscopy. When this process is used to access the chest, it is known as video-assisted Thoracoscopic surgery. However, key hole surgery conducted on a joint such as on the knees is known as Arthroscopy. 

During the surgery conducted by our key hole specialist in Chandigarh, a thin rod, attached with a telescope lens, light source, and a camera is passed through a small incision inside the body. The camera gives the doctors a magnified view of the inside of the body. The thin rod is termed as an endoscope. Other surgical instruments can also be passed through the incision, allowing the surgeons to operate effectively.

Why is key hole surgery preferred over an open surgery?

Reduced physical impact: Operations through small incisions typically reduces the amount of blood lost as well as the discomfort felt by the patient after the surgery. Due to the use of small-sized instruments, tissue damage during the process is also reduced.

Reduced risk of complications: After our key hole surgery specialist in Mohali conducts the operation, the risk of complications such as infection, hernia, and cellulitis, as well as tissues beneath the skin, is also lessened.

Reduced recovery time: The required recovery time after the key hole surgery is also shorter as compared to open surgery. It also reduces the risk of conditions associated with extended periods of best rest, such as bone loss, pneumonia, as well as muscle atrophy.

If you want to consult an experienced and professional doctor regarding this particular type of surgery, contact Dr. GS Natt today. Being at the cutting edge of medical treatment, Dr. Natt is also recognised as one of the best key hole doctors in Mohali

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